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Histories of Global Netherlandish Art, 1550-1750


28 October 2019
17:00 - 19:00
Parnassos Cultural Centre, Bar Parnassos, Kruisstraat 201, Utrecht

Transcultural Heritage showcased in Art History@Drift

The first edition of Art History@Drift is a new initiative by Marjolijn Bol and Sven Dupré that aims to showcase research within the Art History Group and the Department of History and Art History at Utrecht University. Each event brings together several speakers from Art History, other groups in the Department (and occasionally even beyond) who are working on related subjects. The first edition of Art History@Drift focuses on the theme of Transcultural Heritage, with three speakers: 

Surekha Davies – From 17th-century Curiosity Cabinets to Museums of the Future: Rethinking the Order of Nature 

Britta Schilling – Grand designs meet local knowledge: building the colonial home in sub-Saharan Africa 

Eva-Maria Troelenberg – “No quill and no brush can describe this splendor”: Art, Nature and Developmental Vision in the Age of the Suez Canal

 Registration is not required.