Histories of Global Netherlandish Art, 1550-1750

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  • Seminar series Global Art History and Heritage
    • Prof. dr. Claudia Swan (Northwestern University): Stately Furnishings and Prized Possessions: Exchange, Piracy, and Collection in the Golden Age (28 November 2019)
    • Berber Meindertsma, Berber Meindertsma: Het HEM: a new arts organisation on a contested cultural heritage site (27 November 2019)
    • Dr. Emilie Gordenker (Mauritshuis, The Hague): The Making of the Exhibition ‘Shifting Image. In Search of Johan Maurits’ (21 November 2019)
    • Prof. Benjamin Schmidt (University of Washington, Seattle): From Hot Reverence to Cold Sweat: Christian Art and the Paradox of Iconoclasm in Early Modern Japan (24 October 2019)
    • Bambi Ceuppens (Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren): The Reopened AfricaMuseum Tervuren (10 October 2019)
    • Wonu Veijs (National Museum of World Cultures): The AAMU collection of Contemporary Aboriginal Art at the National Museum of World Cultures (25 April 2019)
    • Maria Holtrop (Rijksmuseum): The (Im)Possibility of Showing the Colonial Past in the Museum (6 February 2019)
    • Elsje van Kessel (University of St Andrews): Art, Law, and the Freedom of the Seas in the Early Seventeenth Century (20 December 2018)



Vol. 66, 2016, Netherlandish Art in its Global Context / De mondiale context van Nederlandse kunst